Specialized Teams Working Towards Your Goals​

Coordinating and optimizing the way each client’s investments, taxes, estate plan and insurances work together.

Retirement Income integration

In-depth retirement income projections, implementation and oversight.

Investment Management

Dedicated investment committee actively monitors client portfolio leveraging technology, tax-efficient investments and strategic rebalancing

Estate Planning Integration

Fully integrated estate planning strategies reducing gaps and uncertainty. Ongoing review, updates and execution

Tax Planning Integration

Tax Attorneys and CPAs working side-by-side with investment advisors to coordinate tax targets and projections

Your Income Retirement Team

Legacy Partners Group 

The most important aspect of any retirement is your income plan.  How much do you need to make it through, where will these dollars come from, and how much will you pay back to the government in tax.   At Legacy Partners Group we specialize in holistic income planning by coordinating social security strategies, self-funded pension plans, investment income integration and tax planning coordination. This maximizes the income potential of your retirement dollars. 


Your Investment
Management Team

Legacy partners group partners with  Redwood Financial Strategies to provide our clients with the best asset management possible in order to meet each clients individual retirement need. 


Your Estate + Tax
Planning Team

Legacy Partners group partners with Nylen and Partners LLC in order to provide clients complete tax efficient legacy plan and keep your estate out of government control. 



The Next Step?

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