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Retirement Planning is more than just an investment portfolio.  We incorporate experts in the areas of portfolio management, estate, income, tax law, risk mitigation, medicare, and long term care planning.  This strategy not only gives our clients access to experts in each field, but also gives them the greatest chance of the retirement they always wanted through a coordinated wholistic plan.

We embrace technology to deepen our relationship with you. Financial Wellness comes through real communication. Technology helps us do that, but we feel technology should not take the place of human interaction. Today’s world is moving fast and information has to move as fast. We embrace this thought knowing our number one goal is a deeper connection with you.

Budgeting, the life line to getting what you want and spending on the goods and services you truly value. Our integrated approach and automatic updating will help you make the decisions you want and the decisions you need

Our team approach surrounding the fiduciary needs of your money consists of risk testing, proper asset allocation, re-balancing and monitoring in a fee neutral and unbiased environment. We want you as our client to learn how we as a Wealth Management Firm trend the important characteristics of your money. We communicate this trend to you through our VIP Monitoring Program which is our communication with you regarding the trend of your account. We believe our communication to you helps a trusting relationship with you, which leads to better decision marketing

Retirement distribution planning and implementation requires a great deal of analysis and stress testing. Probability analysis helps us have better discussions about your money and that money lasting through your lifetime. We use a systematic approach that segregates money for risk and cash flow. This is monitored monthly and reported to you. Our clients found this process has taken the worry out of their retirement lives

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Your Investment Management Team

Jeff Riesberg

Jeff Riesberg has been in the financial services industry since 2006 after leaving the military for a 5 year enlistment.  He attended Bellevue University with a BA and a minor in finance.  He has a wealth of knowledge that is based on planning first before any recommendations are made.  He has helped thousands of families prepare for retirement by incorporating a solid income planning strategy to include taxes, inflation, portfolio risk, and stress tests to help make sure the plan is on solid footing.  A primary focus on the plans is to reduce risk and total taxes paid while still achieving your goals and increasing your estate’s net worth.  Jeff is also a practicing insurance agent which helps with the planning for fit within a plan.  Jeff is married and has 5 kids that all keep him pretty busy outside of work.  Hobbies include watching baseball and football as well as shooting and woodworking.  

David Cavaianni

David grew up in the town of Appleton, WI. He went on to attend the University of Wisconsin-Fox Valley and the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh where he studied biology. After college, he began working in retail sales, and eventually found his passion in estate & retirement planning. He has helped hundreds of families prepare for their future by creating comprehensive and holistic retirement solutions. Today, David continues to provide high-level planning with Legacy Partners Group, specializing in the management of financial resources.